Gilmour’s Linn

Gilmour’s Linn aka Charlie’s Cave

A local walk for us and a great way to brighten up the mood on a cold clear January day. We started at a small layby at Garshellach Forest in freezing fog. My fingers were nipping with the cold after taking gloves off to tie my boot laces but warmed soon after leaving the car on a long gradient up through the forest. As we ascended the mist started to clear and the sun shone on us. This gave us fantastic views over the carse to Stirling with the Ochil Hills as a backdrop. After a while we came to the end of the track and had a struggle along the bank of the Touch Burn until we came upon Gilmour’s Linn. This is a well hidden gem and worth the effort of finding. It is possible to go into the cave and look out from behind the waterfall. A perfect hideaway giving its also known name as Charlie’s Cave. Hopefully the sketch map with the route in red will help to find it.

Probably the easiest way to get there is from the Touch water works and heading back that way we found a reasonably clear path from the linn. We followed this heading south then reaching a farm track that took us down towards Touch House. From there we followed the route of a pipe track to reach back to the car well satisfied and refreshed with our stay local walk.

A trio of trees!
Looking over to Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument and the Ochil Hills

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